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The whole world is suffering right now due to COVID-19, the independent entrepreneurs like myself are hit extremely hard, we live from our savings since we are not able to make any earnings right now; not only in the field of escorting, the pandemic is across all fields and we are entering into a recession, I am currently for safety reasons not seeing anyone till the end of March 2020. Most probably till mid-April. 

If You wished to prebook a future adventure with the deposit, I will certainly welcome that.

If you wish, in these trying times, to cheer me up between my yoga workouts and long walks with my dog, "Spoil me" page is updated. Wink wink. 

Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Before you get in touch, please make yourself familiar with all the information on my site. When emailing, encrypted email is appreciated. (protonmail)

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


As a low volume independent escort provider & as someone who has plenty of activities outside of the companionship field, I encourage you to make a reservation as soon as possible to increase the chance of having a great time together. 

With Love, 


In 2020

I am not available on the following dates: 

June 4-8

September 21-27

December 7-13

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