Frequently asked questions-


  • Will you send me a photo of your face?
    • No. To maintain my privacy, safety, and ability to work throughout the world, I do not post photographs of my face on the internet nor do I send photographs to potential clients. Unlike in Czech Republic, independent escorting is not a legal occupation in parts of the world, including the USA, where facial recognition systems could bar entry into the country.
  • Do you work for someone?
    • No. I have been an independent provider since I began escorting in 2017. I am verified and have received rave reviews.
  • Are your photos recent and genuine?
    • Yes. My photos are not only recent and genuine, they also employ little to no PhotoShop enhancements. In other words, you should be happy to know that what you see is what you will get.
  • What languages do you speak?
    • I speak English and Czech fluently, and speak German a bit less fluently. I currently am flexing my linguistic abilities to learn Russian.
  • What services do you offer?
    • The general services I offer are described in the “INFO” section of this website. I would best describe them as “Kinky Girlfriend Experience” with some romantic aspects included. Kissing, for example, is one of my weak spots – I love kissing. Anything more specific is dependent entirely on my comfort level and our chemistry together.
  • Would you visit me at home?
    • If you provide me with all the required screening information, I may visit you at your home. However, it is dependent entirely on my comfort level and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do you enjoy party bookings?
    • If “party” is a euphemism for drug use, then NO. I don’t party. I also am not much of a club goer, although I do like to sip cocktails in a cozy bar.
  • What is your attitude towards tobacco, alcohol, and drugs? Do you drink or smoke? Do you allow clients to indulge during meetings?
    • Although I don’t smoke, I will not mind if you choose to smoke. I drink alcohol occasionally – usually wine, champagne, or prosecco. However, I have a strict no-illegal-drugs policy for both myself and clients.


  • What is your preferred method of initial contact?

    • Email communication | Reservation Form on this website

  • How much notice do you require for a date?

    • It is always better to plan with me in advance. I rarely am available for last-minute reservations due to my private commitments. For more information about my availabilities and when I have prior commitments, or to schedule a meeting, please visit the “Let’s Meet” page.

  • When/How do we make the donation transaction?

    • Donations should be presented in an unsealed envelope within the first ten minutes of our date. If we’re meeting in private, please place your donation on the bathroom counter or on a table. If in public, please tuck the donation inside something discrete like a magazine, book, card, or gift bag.


My encounter portfolio is reasonably broad and rather rendezvous-specific – every session is based on my level of comfort and our personal chemistry. Should you wish to read or write a review about me, the preferred site would be The Erotic Review (TER). As of February 2020, I have garnered more than 40 positive reviews on TER. If you are writing a review, please keep it clean and tasteful. You also may read some of the testimonials from TER on my website here.


While gifts are never expected, I am delighted by any effort to send me a surprise. Besides, what girl doesn’t like to be spoiled every now and then? Should you be so inclined, I have created a bit of guidance for you here. Seductive lingerie, sporty leggings, or a quality matcha tea are my favourites at the moment.


First and foremost, I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together. I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries, and I expect them to always be respected. I also expect mutual and impeccable self-care and hygiene, allowing us to have as carefree and fun time as possible. While I understand that life happens and sometimes delays and change of plans are unavoidable, I ask that you please let me know of any changes to our plans as early as possible. Should you need to cancel our engagement with less than 24-hour’s notice, the deposit will be non-refundable. However, you may apply it to a future engagement within the next 75 days. While I do not discriminate by ethnicity, nationality, weight, or age, you must be 18 years of age or older. Knowing your age also allows me to dress age-appropriately to match you.


Quite simply, the excitement and adrenalin of meeting someone new and unknown turns me on. Nothing pleases me more than becoming acquainted with someone and having special moments and experiences with them – be it platonic, romantic, intimate, or even kinky. People sometimes ask me if I couldn’t pursue “something better,” to which I respond, “Oh, please! Better never means better for everyone!” I have worked in the corporate arena and chose to walk away. I am blessed for the courage I had to exit a monotonous and conventional world that added no personal value, fulfillment, or enjoyment to my life other than a paycheck. I chose voluntarily to live in a matter that makes me happy, satisfied, and free of the square box dictated by society’s unrealistic expectations and norms. I love being an independent escort who is able to bring pleasure to the lives of my international clients.


I will create a web page dedicated to Tourism in Prague hopefully soon. If You travel to Prague for the first time, I recommend waching the youtube channel called PRAGUE HONEST GUIDE - very helpful and informative.


Screening is required for all new friends who wish for me to accompany them on their travels or who wish to fly me to their location. If the aforementioned applies to you, once you fill out the Reservation form, I will contact you and ask for further screening information. Generally, I will ask you to send me an email from your LinkedIn profile or from your work email with your official mail signature. Your other option is to provide me with full hotel reservation information, including the name of the hotel where we will be staying. No need to worry, for the above screening methods I have created the email adress that is in no way associated with Louise Pearl & is also nowhere publicly displayed online. On occasion, in lieu of screening, I do accept references from verifiable providers who you may have seen within the last eight months. The above does not imply to meetings in Prague.

As an Independent Escort in Prague, I tried to sum up the questions I get asked frequently if you have any other question related to our discreet escort date in Prague or anywhere else, do not hesitate to contact me.

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