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My private companionship is available to single gentlemen.

Besides the Ultimate Girlfriend Experience, I also offer kinky BDSM meetings, Fly-me-to-You, Travel Companionship or the Virgin Experience.

It is possible to meet me in Prague or invite me anywhere in the world.

Joining you on your business travels, vacation or simple You & I getaway anywhere you can think of. My personal preference is to meet only with a few clients a month for a longer period of time. And I totally love to show you around Prague for the weekend together.  





 Prague is my home base, I am acquainted with the city deeply & feel very safe here, therefore there is no strict screening & deposit needed for most of my companionship options.

The only time I require a small deposit (25%) transferred to my bank account (or in the form of a gift voucher to Lululemon store) is when You're a new client who is interested in spending more than 6 hours together. 
Kindly note, in case we have not met previously, I will not walk up directly to Your room, mostly it is not possible anyway. We may meet at the lobby, in front of the hotel or at a nearby coffee place should you be traveling with your colleagues and be worried about your discretion, upon checking in get yourself 2 key cards. 

Joyfully I meet with you at your hotel (4* or 5*) or in an Airbnb rented apartment. 

Donation for Prague is all-inclusive prefer CZK but accept most of the main currencies if more comfortable, no extra costs involved.

Minimum meeting time is 2 hours & u
sually, the priority is given to longer engagements & already known friends.  

* my rates have increased slightly; in case we have met and spent +6 hours together before 24.4.2019 - You are grandfathered to my original rates until June 2020


Safety is the key
Mine & Yours, thus screening is non-negotiable for all new clients.
Screening does not 
include ethnicity, age, ability or weight. I do accept references from reputable independent providers that you have seen within the last 8 months, I am also happy to provide references if we have had a date in the last 8 months. 
In case you are new to the companionship arrangement, please contact me for the alternate screening options.

To confirm our arrangement 30% deposit is required. 
In case you cancel the meeting less than 24 hours in advance, the amount is non-refundable however it can be applied to a future engagement 
within the next 75 days.

The rest of the amount of the meeting donation is given in cash at the beginning of the meeting in an open envelope. 

Travel Expenses
are covered by You & wired together with the deposit.
I will book my own tickets. For the flight duration less than 4 hours I am happy to fly in Economy. For some locations close to the Czech Republic I may even take the train.

Preferably hotel setting - 4 star or above. Yet I am up for any kind of an adventure; in case
You take me on the Orient Express train or the Cruise in Caribbean, I would not say no. :-)

* please inquire for the adventure outside of Europe


…Just from reading the website it can be easily seen that you are dealing with a true independent girl, with strong empathy and an education and culture well beyond the average university-level to go along with it. Privacy is one of her utmost concern…

I do not meet often and chose each provider carefully according to a desire or fantasy that I want to fulfil. I normally meet in my hometown, Montreal, and most have good to great experiences but a good connection with the companion is essential for me to have a good time. I was on a business trip in Prague and this was my first time meeting abroad and I was a bit apprehensive: after quite a bit of research she was the only girl that seemed to meet my criteria (cute, smart, kinky, reviewed); can that be, in such a large city? are all those shill-sounding reviews accurate? Why is everyone booking such long sessions,won’t 4h be too much? Well, I am so happy I went forward with the booking because my expectations were greatly exceeded: I feel like I found a true gem and those 4h flew by while I created some intense memories. The booking procedure was flawless and simple and she arrived on time at the meeting. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her, she has a really cute face and I was under her spell after 5 minutes of chit-chat. When she asked if I confirmed that I wanted her to stay I giggled: how could I want anything else than to spend the rest of the evening exploring her sexy, curvy body? I really enjoyed talking with her, she is very smart and knowledgable and we really built a nice connection before moving to the next phase. This is where I was completely blown away: she has this emotional intelligence where she read what I wanted and pushed me exactly where I needed to be in a respectful, safe, yet intensely kinky and erotic setting. The session was like an amazing sex dream and I learned that I liked several new things that nite. Louise is a unique, complex and amazing person, I feel privileged to have met with her.

Written opinions about shared experiences. These memoirs are not my own personal opinions & the text is copied from the full reviews which may be found online on TER here.

TER would be the preferred site should you wish to share our memories online, please, maintain the review clean & factual.

..she was the only girl that was pre-planned well before my vacation. The contact was nice and you can tell from the way she writes that she is genuine and a pleaser. After we met and went to my hotel room, we sat on the bed and had a quick chat…

…She’s beautiful and very elegant. English is quite good, sexy. When she showed up at my hotel room, she looked very sophisticated and apart from her beauty, did not draw unnecessary attention… ​​​​

I made contact through email; we exchanged some information and set the meeting as a dinner date. Louise’s English is excellent so communicating was effortless. Louise is not the “porn star” type, meaning if you are looking for fake big tits, botoxed lips, tons of makeup etc. look for someone else. On the other hand, if you are looking to spend time (social and sexual) with a real local, intelligent, kinky girl you are in the right place. For me, the meeting felt like having a wonderful date with a kinky, a bit nerdy, girlfriend. The whole date felt natural in the best way possible. Louise is highly intelligent and I felt I could spend time in conversation; she is also knowledgeable in Tantra and a qualified masseuse. In bed, I felt it was a perfect match for me and my liking. The only thing I regret is not setting a longer meeting and I wished that I could meet her more often. I am looking forward to my future date with Louise.

…Overall, my best session ever in Prague, and one of my best all time, worldwide. Well worth the time needed to communicate beforehand and build a rapport, because by the time our date arrived I wanted to savage her in the hallway of my building! Very sexy, and I will repeat, again and again…

I had the pleasure of meeting Louise Pearl for a 6 hour dinner date and I enjoyed every minute of it. The booking was easy, I contacted Louise through her website and she replied quickly. I read on Louises website that she offer a type of meeting that she calls virgin experience and although I´m no virgin, I still feel inexperienced when it comes to sex, so this type of meeting sounded interesting to me. Through our emails Louise asked what I wanted to learn from our meeting and if I wanted her to bring some things. On the day of our meeting Louise showed up outside my hotel on time, and I was very pleased with what I saw. Louise was dressed very nice and casual. Louise is not a tall girl but to me she has a fantastic body, small and curvy. She has a very nice face with a lovely smile and beautiful green eyes. For the non VIPs, If you are looking for a down to earth, beautiful and intelligent girl Louise might be the girl for you and if you feel a little inexperienced I can highly recommend her virgin experience.