One of my genuine thrills in life is the prospect of meeting someone new and anticipating the time we will spend together and the experience we will share that will be uniquely ours.  


Decide where do you wish our meeting to happen & which option for my companionship is most enticing to you:


  • Girlfriend Experience

  • Virgin Experience

  • BDSM/Kinky Meetings

To confirm whichever experience you choose, I will require a 10 – 30 percent advanced deposit for meetings in Prague longer than 6 hours and for all meetings outside of Prague. The remainder of your donation may be given in cash in an open envelope when we meet. 


Should you need to cancel our engagement with less than 24-hour’s notice, the deposit will be non-refundable.  However, you may apply it to a future engagement within the next 75 days.

Prague with Louise-

As Prague is my home base, I feel deeply acquainted and safe here.  Therefore, I only have a case-by-case screening process that is dependent on my personal level of comfort.  I also only require a deposit of 10-25 percent to be wire transferred to my bank account (or a non-refundable flight/hotel gift voucher) if you are a new client who is interested in spending more than six hours together. This ensures that your reservation is genuine…as well as it allows me to arrange a dog-sitter for my furry flatmate.   


If we have not met previously, I will meet you in front of a hotel or in the lobby – but never directly in your room. If you are traveling with colleagues, for purposes of discretion, we may meet at an agreed upon location where you can give me a spare hotel room key card and I can meet you there.      


For all-inclusive engagements in Prague, I prefer payment in CZK, but accept most main currencies with no extra costs involved.  Two hours is my minimum duration of engagement and I generally give priority to longer engagements and already-known friends. 


The contributions for my companionship within Prague are as follows:


> our 48-hour escape                                               CZK 104.000 | € 4.000

> a day together                                                       CZK 85.000 | € 3.300

> over the night - up to 14 hours                              CZK 60.000 | € 2.300

> afternoon in the city - up to 8 hours                     CZK 52.000 | € 2.000

> dining & the dessert - up to 6 hours                     CZK 41.000 | € 1.600

> tea time - up to 3 hours                                        CZK 22.000 | € 850

> You and I - up to 2 hours                                      CZK 18.000 | € 700



I make an enjoyable dinner date, a discreet companion to any event, and no one would think I am anything but your adoring and fun-loving girlfriend. 


Having a date with me is never the same.  We can enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of bubbly to start, and perhaps I can show you around Prague on a private tour where I will serve as your very own tour guide.  Afterward, as a prelude to our intimate time, we can share in some passionate kissing, and if you’re so inclined, I can pamper you by putting my certified masseuse qualifications to good use and regale you with my skills. 


Always know that I will strive to tailor our experiences to be unique and, most of all, satisfy your wishes and exceed your expectations.  It is of paramount importance to me to make our time together a genuine human connection.


As the title suggests, the Virgin Experience is an unforgettably positive experience for virgins and inexperienced men who wish to lose their virginity and/or receive intimacy lessons from a high-class escort service. 

It’s always an honor for me when I am chosen for such a special date. 

The minimum length recommended is 4 hours.


Would you like a mind-blowing kinky encounter on its own, or would you like to incorporate it into the Girlfriend Experience service – a KGFE (Kinky Girlfriend Experience), if you will?  You decide.


Primarily, I am of a submissive nature, although from time to time, I do allow the dominant within me to come out of hiding.  To be clear, while I dabble with light BDSM, if you seek more “hardcore porn-heavy torture,” I am afraid you will have to find that elsewhere.  I also don’t a detailed overview of my kinky likes openly, as it’s entirely dependent on our personal and sexual chemistry and mutual wishes.