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A guide to booking an escort that fits your needs

Here you are once again.  You find yourself having dinner on your own during yet another business trip in yet another hotel room. 

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, you’ve felt lonely for some time. You crave intimacy and companionship and are simply looking for a connection with someone special.

Almost like an epiphany, you suddenly break from your sullen mood, and say to yourself, “That’s it! Let me take control of my own life.  It’s long overdue that I take a few days off.  Perhaps I will explore a new city.  (Preferably Prague – wink, wink!)  Perhaps I will be lucky enough to find someone who would enjoy spending time with me.”  

Determined to leave loneliness behind, you ask yourself, where shall I go to find this certain someone?  Will they become my lover?  Shall I search for her in a bar? At the club?  Perhaps the way it will play out, I will buy her girl drinks, chat, and if things go well, I will invite her to my room. 

But what if she doesn't like me? Or what if she doesn't like the activities I may be into?  No.  You must not let negative thoughts enter your mind.

No matter how positive your outlook, many legitimate questions, and uncertainties pop up in your head, especially since you are not looking for a long-term commitment. What if this new woman gets clingy afterward?  What if she feels hurt? And what about your privacy? You are, after all, a well-respected, working professional.  You might have a family and kids, and you don’t want anyone to cause complications or troubles.  You just want to have a relaxing time with a woman. No strings attached.

... and there you go.  Just like that, you realize that the most comfortable, expedient, and convenient way for both parties involved is to look for a transactional companionship based on a mutual understanding of the parameters and expectations of such a relationship. 

Seeking out a transactional relationship

Now that you’ve decided on transactional companionship, the search seems to start all over again. How do you find this elusive companion of your dreams?  When you browse the internet, you realize that there are myriad options.  There is such a seemingly infinite number of women that it feels like the heavens have opened up.  Are they all so beautiful and genuine? 

It is here that one must be cautious.  Beyond the fantasy, there is a less apparent reality in the escort business. For every legitimate, law-abiding escort, there also are just as many escorts of dubious ethics.  There also is the very real and grave concern of human trafficking and the role it plays a role in some countries.  Additionally, sex work has not yet been decriminalized in many countries and is, in fact, illegal.  The issue is so complicated that it would require a blog post of its own.

So how does one choose a companion to spend time with in a safe, legal, and ethical manner? 

  • Choose an escort with whom you feel an undeniable physical attraction, as it plays a key role.  A good-natured demeanor and sense of humor also are imperative, especially on a longer rendezvous.

  • Do your basic homework if you wish to find an independent escort companion who is legitimate, verified, and reputable.  For example, if you do a Google search on me – “Louise Pearl Escort Prague” – you will discover not only my website but all my social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.  You also will find reviews, board posts, and even verification of how long my website has been in existence via a WhoIs search. In other words, you always want to spend time with someone without any “hustle.”  You want to be with someone who is exactly as advertised, both in terms of their appearance as well as their high ethics.  Reputable escort providers like myself focus on our branding and marketing quite a bit, as it is not just our line of work, but our reputation and passion, as well.  

  • If you like what you see and read and feel comfortable enough to proceed, you next will want to contact the companion.  Each of us works differently.  For example, I am barely on my phone, so the best way to contact me is to fill out the reservation form on my website.  When making initial contact – and always thereafter – be sure to exhibit good manners.  Introduce yourself, state your age, the desired duration of the meeting, the place where you would like the meeting to occur, and, most importantly, your expectations.  The aforementioned points and whatever else you feel is important to discuss should be sufficient to raise my interest to reply to you.  Remember, one-sentence requests and seeming like you’re hiding vital information will lead to a one-way ticket to the land of spam.  

  • Once you have made the initial request, please wait to receive a reply.  Sometimes it may take some time to receive a reply, as most escorts – like everyone else – lead busy lives both professionally and privately. With me, it may take up to 72 hours to reply, especially if I receive the reservation while having a longer rendezvous.

  • Once you arrange to meet an escort, HAVE FUN! 


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