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How to become a successful independent escort 

My website is visited by potential clients, as well as by my fellow colleagues and aspiring providers. Sometimes I receive emails from people who are novices to the escorting business, asking for my advice. I don't see fellow independent workers as competition because we are all different – just as men have varying tastes in women.

However, I am somewhat uncomfortable mentoring and giving advice to ladies whose personal circumstances I am not familiar with and whom I have never met personally. As I have written in my previous post, escorting has not been decriminalized in the Czech Republic and pimping is highly illegal. Consequently, I try not to dispense advice to ladies I do not know personally to avoid any misunderstandings and possible troubles.

Nonetheless, there are a few general points that I believe may be helpful to those who are just at the beginning of their career as an independent escort.

EVALUATE YOUR BRANDING. What kind of personality do you have? Would you prefer to meet more clients for shorter sessions like an hour or so, or would you rather spend more time around them to focus on meaningful connections? Not all escorts have the same goals. Offering longer companionship often requires greater emotional commitment and compassion from the escort’s perspective, as they are more likely to hear personal stories, many of which may not be positive or happy.

Consider your own personality and what kind of clients would you like to meet and the sorts of activities in which you would like to participate. Are you an outgoing party girl looking to share in a good time, or are you more introspective with a taste for quieter activities and dates? Take inventory of your personality and your likes and dislikes and cater your brand to potential clients with similar leanings. The law of attraction will bring you the people with whom you will enjoy time and form organic connections.

BE YOURSELF. Many newcomers to the profession take considerable inspiration from the websites of already well-established providers. I see this as a beginner's mistake. Try to avoid copycatting and instead focus on marketing yourself in a way that is natural for you. What works for others might not work for you at all.

LOOK PRESENTABLE. Do not underestimate the importance of meticulous personal grooming.

For example, always be well-manicured and pedicured. It may not seem like a particularly big deal, but men notice your nails more than you realize, and often don't understand some women’s proclivity for neon-bright, glittery nails. Similarly, men generally do not care for fake tans – especially when they stain sheets.

KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES. Think through whether you wish to show your face in your marketing and advertising presentation. Also, decide what services you wish to offer and what you don't feel comfortable with offering. Remember, not all money is good money, and doing something just for a quick buck might have very negative consequences on your mental health in the long term. You will likely be exposed to alcohol and occasionally drugs. Always monitor your drinking. If you lose control, you lose your boundaries.

PROTECT YOURSELF. Heading for an outcall meeting? Always notify someone about your planned whereabouts and what time you expect to be back from the meeting – especially if you are visiting a client at a private residence. Always screen your clients in advance, if possible. Knowledge is power. Verify the details provided on various international blacklists like "ClientEye." I don't recommend visiting new clients directly in their hotel rooms. Keep in mind that many hotels require key cards to use the elevator and, if you are not a checked-in guest at the hotel and the client has provided a fake name and only a room number, you may end up in an unpleasant situation with the hotel staff. I live in Prague and this is based on my personal experience. However, it may vary in other corners of the world.

I also don't recommend sharing your real name with clients, to avoid the possibility of being stalked. Always trust your gut feeling. If it doesn't feel right, get out.

BE DISCREET. An escort never talks about the names of their clients. It is extremely unprofessional and simply 'not classy.' It also can ruin someone else's life.

BE WELL READ. Know what is happening in the world. You often meet with men who are CEOs, chairmen of board, heads of industries. They don't want to talk about Tiktok, Instagram influencers, or reality TV. You need to know how to maintain intelligent, insightful conversations.

BE ATTENTIVE & COMPASSIONATE. There is nothing worse than appearing distracted because it is rude, and the client will definitely pick up on that. You are there for him and must seem interested, engaged, and ask inquisitive questions. You also need to have an open mind because you will meet many different kinds of clients, including those you may not find physically attractive. You can't judge people on the way they look.

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