• Louise Pearl

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part, But Once It’s Over…

Andy Warhol once said that the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting. I agree. When you anticipate something for a prolonged period of time, the eventual realization of what you desire becomes all the more savory.

With that philosophy in mind, I am announcing to all my clients – both potential and repeat – that, I have chosen to not offer any services online that might serve as a stop-gap during this temporary period of COVID-19 and social distancing.

I realize that many of my colleagues have switched to various online platforms like “Only Fans” to be able to monetize their services through photos and videos. I too have received requests for such services. However, while I commend my colleagues for adapting our line of work to these challenging times through innovative methods, I have made the personal decision that such alternative services are not for me.

Perhaps I am a traditionalist and somewhat old fashioned, but I am a firm believer that there is no substitute for human touch, intimacy, lustful meeting of eyes, an awakening of the senses during a cozy dinner, traveling together, or simply chatting and enjoying the closeness between two people. Additionally, despite the impression that my occupation is one of frivolity and little privacy, I am an exceedingly discreet and private person, so I am not comfortable selling my content online. For all the merits of online services, they simply pale in comparison to the real thing.

So while we all endure the current on-hold nature of our lives, I have faith that sooner or later (preferably sooner!), it will be possible for us to resume our lives and have traditional dates once again.

If there is one thing the coronavirus and its ramifications have helped me to realize, it is an appreciation of my lust for travel. I used to think that my wanderlust had been sated. After all, I had traveled quite a lot right after my university studies. I even lived abroad for four years. Yet during these past three months, I have come to realize that not only do I utterly miss my life as an independent escort, I also still yearn to visit new places both near and far. I also miss showing clients around my own beloved Prague and all the hidden corners of the Czech Republic. And what would make travel to these unexplored places all the more exciting and pleasurable? Good company, of course (wink, wink)!

If you too have rediscovered a similar wanderlust and appreciation for freedom, and have a newfound realization that life is too short to be locked down, focused solely on work and too little on play, then you and I are certainly on the same page.

So while we eagerly await the resumption of our normal lives, let me know what you miss most, what you have yet to experience, what you would like to rediscover, where you would like to travel. What shall you and I experience and where shall we go?

If indeed it is true that waiting for something makes it more exciting, then I certainly am excited about all the things in store for you and I together…


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