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My Perceptions of the Sex Work Scene in the Czech Republic

As last month marked the third anniversary of my entering the companionship career, I decided to discuss my views and observations of the current escorting scene in Prague. The following are solely my thoughts and based on my personal experiences. Other providers may have different views.

Many of us, including myself, would prefer sex work to be fully decriminalized. Decriminalization is the removal of criminal penalties for sex work. In countries that decriminalize sex work, sex workers receive the same protection and recognition as workers in other industries.

Prostitution in the Czech Republic currently resides in a grey area where it is neither legal nor illegal. Independent providers who offer various services will not be punished legally. Conversely, if you seek out an independent provider, you essentially are just a client seeking a provider of services – just as in any other client-service provider situation. However, pimping and organized sex work still remain fully illegal.

Because prostitution is not decriminalized, if a provider wishes to live in a responsible manner, they opt for alternative forms of entrepreneurship to be eligible for such things as mortgages or pension plans.

As a result, providers engage in businesses such as private tour guide, personal assistant, professional masseuse, or model. Another option is to register as an entrepreneur offering "services of a special nature.” Although such a classification excludes sex work, some providers defy that caveat.

According to the non-profit organization Bliss Without Risk, in the Czech Republic, an estimated 13,000 women provide paid sexual services, more than half of whom are single mothers.

The average age of a prostitute is 30 years, and Czech women make up 82 percent of sex workers. However, by Bliss Without Risk’s own admission, their data must be taken with a grain of salt, as accurate surveys do not exist and, given the sensitivity of the information, such data is very difficult to collect.

Many women do not admit to providing paid sexual services. Unfortunately, women face considerable stigma and associated prejudices for providing such services. The women certainly do not flaunt their work, and almost no one is even aware of their source of livelihood. As a result, in many cases, they will not report rape, personal injury, extortion, or coercion to practices that are risky and often unprotected.

Below are some of the various options where a client may find paid sexual services:

  • Street workers in Prague – Female providers may be found close to Karlovo Namesti – they are often drug addicts and not following healthy practices. Male street sex workers are often located around the main train station. Prices on the street start from 500 CZK.

  • The Red light district in Prague is in a street called Ve Smeckach, the upper part of Wenceslas Square, where you may find Sexy Sauna, Darling Cabaret, and other venues. There also is Showpark, with its two locations – one Prague 7 and its other affiliate at Prague 2, close to I.P.Pavlova Red metro stop. Most of the providers at those clubs are not Czech. Prices may start at 2.000 CZK per 30 minutes.

  • Private flatsI would recommend highly that you avoid private flats, as this is where the providers mostly offer sex work to survive and it is also often where human trafficking and other forms of exploitation take place. These places often have hidden cameras in the rooms as well.

  • Escort Agencies – As sex work is not decriminalized in the Czech Republic, there are several escort agencies in Prague. The general arrangement between escorts and agencies is that agencies pay for the marketing of the escort. Always do your homework before contacting a particular agency to ensure that they are legitimate. For example, utilize TinEye – a reverse image search that allows you to verify that the photograph purporting to be your provider is not a stolen image of an international model. Prague is not a big pond. It is quite common that one provider advertises under several agencies under different names to have a higher chance of being booked. Similar to the private flats, agency managers may take 35-50 percent for the advertising/marketing from an individual booking. Providers mostly offer outcall services where they will visit a client at his/her location, usually in hotel rooms and sometimes at their residence. The cost for outcall services in Prague costs an average of 350 EUR per hour, with the provider receiving about 210 EUR and the rest going to the agency for marketing services.

  • Independent escorts, such as I, are a select few in Prague. We have our own well-produced websites and focus on our branding, I admit, it is not an easy task and therefore many students/part-time providers opt for the collaboration with the agencies, I already have written a Guide to Booking Escort that fits your needs, so head there for more information.

Be sure to never look for escort-friendly hotels, where a key card is not needed. Key cards are there for your safety when ordering an escort. Always meet them in a lobby, or if you do not want to raise the attention of the receptionists, meet directly in front of the hotel. All hotels have cameras just outside their premises to ensure your safety.

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