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On Virgin Experience

Today's blog post focuses a bit more on one of the services I offer "the Virgin Experience." I want to emphasize that the following thoughts are focused solely on intimate coaching in a private setting between two consenting adults. To be clear, the article is not imposing anything related to gender roles in society.

I have always enjoyed intimate adventures. My first foray into intimacy was with my boyfriend. We were both of the same age, although he had already had a girlfriend prior to dating me. Back then, I felt somewhat ashamed of telling him that I was a virgin and that he was going to be my first. I tried to play it cool. In retrospect, if I could go back in time, I would have approached the situation differently.

Now and then, I ask my clients the circumstances of their first time and I hear many interesting stories, which sadly for you, I am not going to share here in detail.

However, my personal observation is that men whose first time was with a slightly older and more experienced woman generally seem better equipped throughout their lives as it relates to intimacy.

The same applies to men who are curious, explorative, and most importantly not afraid to fail. Learning by doing is a key aspect to one’s success with intimacy.

A key point that I believe bears elevating is the enormous amount of societal pressure thrust upon men to simply perform. Even if it is their first time, often men may feel that they are expected to know exactly what to do, how to do it, and – of course – to do it right. The expectation often is that both partners must always ride together on a wave of bliss in no time...

Performance expectations are only the tip of the iceberg. Men also generally tend to worry about penis size (too small/too big?), having an erection, and endurance. Those thoughts can be rather stressful, would you agree?

Before you become overcome with anxiety, I will share a crucial secret with you: These concerns are all in your mind, and you’re allowing your mind to play with you. For example, as a tantric practitioner, I can assure you that size doesn’t matter. In fact, sometimes you don't even need the penetration itself to give a woman joy and pleasure – and you and your partner don’t need to practice tantric sex to feel this way.

In an effort to be prepared and learn “tricks of the trade,” many men resort to porn for their tips and techniques. While porn may be helpful in providing insights into aspects such as sexual positions, what will make you an unforgettable lover is not just being able to perform porn-style fun and acrobatics, but the ability to offer your partner sensual intimacy. Porn will not teach you how to be a good kisser – especially down there. Neither will it show you the pleasure you will bring your lover by simply stroking lower back in a sensual and deliberate manner.

Only by being a hands-on participant and learning by doing will improve your abilities and self-esteem as it relates to intimacy. The Virgin Experience will provide you with both.

In the Virgin Experience, I will ease your anxieties and coach you on a level that best suits you. The Virgin Experience is especially for men who seek intimacy coaching – regardless of whether they currently are single or have a partner – to learn the invaluable tricks that are sure to please a woman.

Then reaching out to me, an independent escort who is discreet and very experienced is a perfect choice.

Rest assured, I always feel honored when I am invited for the Virgin Experience – especially if you are an actual virgin. It is all the more special to me, as I am sensitive to the fact that you have chosen to share one of your life’s most significant experiences with me.


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