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Why is there a demand for escorts, and why does the “oldest profession” endure?

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Whether you have long frequented the services of escorts, or have only considered seeking one out recently, one of its greatest lures is the assurance of being in nonjudgmental company.

Independent escorts have heard, seen, and done pretty much everything, so absolutely nothing could shock us. We have had big strong powerful men cry on our shoulders, confide secrets, and expose to us their most vulnerable side. Almost without fail, we have been supportive and present for our clients.

It is a basic aspect of human nature to feel the need to connect on a physical and emotional level. Most men are not seeking escorts simply for sex alone.

In fact, there are myriad reasons why men seek the company of escorts:

  • Men may feel overlooked and under-prioritized by the people in their lives.

  • Men often have higher libidos than their real-life partners. While they may love their partners, if they are not satisfied with their sex lives, they may be compelled to look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere. It doesn't mean necessarily that they no longer love their partners, but they are looking for a way to achieve their sexual fantasies without the complicating factors that may be attached to romantic or committed relationships.

  • Romantic and committed relationships often may change gradually over time due to any number of dysfunctions. For example, a man may grow to view his partner as more of a mother or authority figure and may grow frustrated by this development. This confining feeling may push them to look for an independent escort who will allow them to feel more respected and equal in during their time together.

  • One woman may not feel enough. Some men are not content having sex with only one woman. No matter how much they love their partners and how attractive they are, they still seek to experience sex with other women. Not all men are like this, but for those who are, escorts offer them the variety they seek in sexual partners and experiences.

  • Professional and career-driven men – both married and unmarried – who feel society’s overwhelming pressure to succeed often fail to achieve adequate work-life balance. In their drive to succeed professionally, they often fail to prioritize their private lives. Despite their efforts and successes, such men may nevertheless feel loneliness and the need for a relationship without any strings attached.

  • A man may be freshly divorced/separated/widowed and not ready to get into a serious relationship. An escort may be just the sort of interim relationship they need.

If you are a man who can relate to one or more of the aforementioned situations, perhaps a professional independent escort is a realistic and viable solution to address your unique needs. The services offered by a professional independent escort run the gamut from the intellectual and emotional connection of a girlfriend experience (GFE) to the porn-inspired fantasies made into reality through a porn star experience (PSE), and everything in between.


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