What may I offer to you?-

“I am a part of all that I have met.”
― Lord Tennyson


Offering a real human connection could cover it all.

​Having a date with me is never the same & it is always crucial for me to tailor it to your wishes and expectations. Besides our intimate time (passionate kissing included) it makes me happy to join you for some delicious meal & glass of bubbly (dining companionship),
to show you around Prague (private tour guide)
or pamper you with a relaxing massage (certified masseuse).


The Virgin service is an unforgettably positive experience for virgins (or inexperienced men) who wish to lose their virginity and/or get intimacy lessons from a high-class escort service & it always honors me when I am chosen for such a special date. The minimum length recommended is 4 hours.


Kinky encounter on its own, or as a part of the Girlfriend Experience service – You decide.
One of my clients has proposed I shall introduce KGFE acronym to the world 
Primarily I am of a submissive nature, nonetheless, it is possible to act as a dominant from time to time as well. 
It is rather important to mention, I do play within LIGHT BDSM. 
I do not wish to list the overview of my likes openly since it depends very much on our chemistry & agreed wishes. 
The aspect of obedience is how  I enjoy myself the most, in case you seek for more of a “hardcore-porn-heavy-torture”, I am afraid you shall seek elsewhere.


Fly me to You – Travel with You – Escaping together is what I will gladly do upon your invitation.

Joining You for a day, night; brightening up your business trip, weekend or having a romantic vacation together.
I am up to more less any kind of adventure with you; sightseeing, showing me your city, hiking, road trip, cruise, relaxing in paradise, wandering in Thailand, going on safari…

As you read, I am pretty down to earth with the ability to enjoy upscale places the same as act pretty natural in various types of getaways. Tempted to have an international adventure together? Please visit the INFO section on my website for further practical information. 

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