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…Just from reading the website it can be easily seen that you are dealing with a true independent girl, with strong empathy and an education and culture well beyond the average university-level to go along with it. Privacy is one of her utmost concern…

I had the pleasure of meeting Louise Pearl for a 6 hour dinner date and I enjoyed every minute of it. The booking was easy, I contacted Louise through her website and she replied quickly. I read on Louises website that she offer a type of meeting that she calls virgin experience and although I´m no virgin, I still feel inexperienced when it comes to sex, so this type of meeting sounded interesting to me. Through our emails Louise asked what I wanted to learn from our meeting and if I wanted her to bring some things. On the day of our meeting Louise showed up outside my hotel on time, and I was very pleased with what I saw. Louise was dressed very nice and casual. Louise is not a tall girl but to me she has a fantastic body, small and curvy. She has a very nice face with a lovely smile and beautiful green eyes. For the non VIPs, If you are looking for a down to earth, beautiful and intelligent girl Louise might be the girl for you and if you feel a little inexperienced I can highly recommend her virgin experience.

…Overall, my best session ever in Prague, and one of my best all time, worldwide. Well worth the time needed to communicate beforehand and build a rapport, because by the time our date arrived I wanted to savage her in the hallway of my building! Very sexy, and I will repeat, again and again…

…She’s beautiful and very elegant. English is quite good, sexy. When she showed up at my hotel room, she looked very sophisticated and apart from her beauty, did not draw unnecessary attention… ​​​​

I made contact through email; we exchanged some information and set the meeting as a dinner date. Louise’s English is excellent so communicating was effortless. Louise is not the “porn star” type, meaning if you are looking for fake big tits, botoxed lips, tons of makeup etc. look for someone else. On the other hand, if you are looking to spend time (social and sexual) with a real local, intelligent, kinky girl you are in the right place. For me, the meeting felt like having a wonderful date with a kinky, a bit nerdy, girlfriend.


The whole date felt natural in the best way possible. Louise is highly intelligent and I felt I could spend time in conversation; she is also knowledgeable in Tantra and a qualified masseuse. In bed, I felt it was a perfect match for me and my liking. The only thing I regret is not setting a longer meeting and I wished that I could meet her more often. I am looking forward to my future date with Louise.

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