Visiting Zurich in 2021| Aug 30 - Sep 03

Due to COVID, I spent most of 2020 in Prague, the city is beautiful to live in, however, one needs to also satisfy the lust for exploring new parts of the world & Zurich has been on my travel bucket list for some time, it is the city I wish to explore, most preferably with you.


In general, I am not a touring provider, my stay in Zurich is a rather unique opportunity for us to meet together. On this occasion, I will offer my companionship only to seriously interested gentlemen and of course, the longer dates will be given a priority, I would love you to show me your beautiful city, to dine with me at your local favorite place, and simply being a gentleman to me. I may bring fresh energy to your Swiss daily life.


If you google my name, you will find a solid online presence with many reviews, a Twitter profile, and much more, I am a legitimate provider and my photos have almost zero photoshop. 


My availability starts on Monday 30 of August from around 16:00.

I have arranged a cozy central (District 1 close to the HB station) apartment, therefore, I am able to host you discreetly for the dates of 2 hours and less.  

The introductory rates for Zurich are:

1 hour 350CHF 

2 hours 600CHF

3 hours 750CHF 

4 hours 850CHF

6 hours 1200CHF

12 hours 2000CHF 

While in Zurich, it is also possible to arrange a duo meeting with my friend Garance - you may find more information about Garance and offered services on her website here.

Prebookings are highly appreciated, to make a reservation, please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.