About Me-

“The aristocratic beauty of the women of Prague, the way they walk and the way they are attired, so graceful and elegant, reminded me of Dante’s Paradise.”

–August Rodin

Rodin’s centuries-old observation of the women of Prague still rings true in the 21st century.  However, there is far more substance and allure to Prague’s fairer sex than merely their walk or attire.  Some time spent with me and you will realize that I am the embodiment of the modern, sophisticated feminine Czech ideal.  If I speak with a degree of assertion and confidence on this matter, it is the result of proper education, personal accomplishments achieved, lessons well learned, and, above all, an assured sense of self. 


Prior to my current pursuit of a life of libertine independence, I pursued the corporate track and was perfectly comfortable, but ultimately found it dissatisfying.  I yearned for not just an average life, but an extraordinary life – a life full of unforgettable experiences, grand pleasures, and intimate connections made with like-minded people who shared my exuberance for life.  


I came to the realization that I am a woman of fierce independence and intelligence, intoxicating charms, and an insatiable curiosity for fascinating people and personalities, liberating experiences, and passionate intimacies.  Consequently, one day, I decided to leave behind my pleasant but drab corporate existence and pursue the life I always dreamed…and I’ve never looked back.    


While I am an introvert naturally, people who have come to know me say that I am an engaging, warm, and empathetic person.  I enjoy the introduction and build-up of getting to know people and appreciate their uniqueness and different facets.  My natural intuitiveness often allows me to infer much about people – their lives, feelings, outlook – even before we begin speaking.  My affinity for genuine human interaction allows me to be able to connect with others – especially my partner – on myriad levels and in meaningful ways.  I also am quick to share a good laugh.  


I generally am not flashy and tend to dress casually – but still appropriately and fashionably – in comfortable dresses, trousers, or jeans.  However, if the occasion calls for glamor, I certainly can dress more elegantly in a manner that is sure to turn heads – especially yours.  I am equally at ease in informal and formal social settings and anything in between.  You always can rest assured that I will be the ideal companion and partner who maintains a sense of dignity, discretion, and decorum and with whom you always will feel comfortable and at ease.  


Behind closed doors is a different matter entirely.  Here, you will witness my transformation from the demure companion that I am in public to your very own irresistible and enticing plaything.  You also will be able to behold my oh-so-seductive hourglass figure in all its natural glory, unblemished by unnecessary cosmetic enhancements.  Gazing upon the entire stunning picture, you will struggle to choose where to focus and what to appreciate first – and most. 


I will indulge my extroversion and naughtiness by fulfilling all of your intimate desires and needs in an environment that allows both of us to feel relaxed and uninhibited.  Each of our experiences will be unique and fun and tailored to your expressed needs.  Our time together will be one of the shared experiences and mutual respect, as we savor every bit of joy, passion, and ecstasy the moment has to offer together.   


As for the morning after, what sort of fun shall we have?  Fun is however we define it and I am open to all suggestions.  If we decide on having some fun sightseeing or simply outdoors, I am always game for a day of hiking and experiencing nature.  On the other hand, I will never turn down a romantic day or night on the town indulging in fine cuisine and champagne in the company of a true gentleman.  And perhaps our day or evening together will culminate in some more fun of the pleasurable, lustful, and naughty variety...  


If you view every new day as an opportunity for unexplored sensual experiences and adventures and seek a genuine partner with similar desires, then you need to look no further as I am certain to be your favorite girl. 


With Love, 



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